Walker And The Brotherhood Of The Grape - Cheap Whiskey In A Brown Paper Bag tab

Walker and The Brotherhood Of The Grape

Cheap Whiskey from the album "Almost Homeless" Into the Whip records

I'm drinking [Am]cheap [Em]whiskey [F]in a brown paper [C]bag
it is [B7]really all I [Em]have,since you are gone

The [Am]chips are [Am/F#]down and the [Am/G]bats are [Am/F#]in the bel-fr[Em]ey
some [Am]still zig-zag aro[Am/F#]und just [Am/G]screaming[Am/F#] at the a[Em]ir
the [Am]park benches are [Am/F#]full of [Am/G]beaten [A/F#]lonely [Em]people who have 
had enough. [G]

And it is [Am]cheap [Em]whiskey [F]in a brown paper [C]bag
[B7]it's really all I [Em]have, since you are gone

You [Am]are not reall[Am/F#]y gone,just [Am/G]only f[Am/F#]rom my sig[Em]ht
I'll[Am] bet you are no[Am/F#]t alone under[Am/G]neath your [Am/F#]sheets tonigh[Em]t
you are a[Am] spider and a[Am/F#] maggot and your [Am/G]mouth that [Am/F#]is filled with li[Em]es
I [F]wasted all my kisses and n[G]ow I left with this.

c[Am]heap [Em]whiskey [F]in a brown paper [c]bag
[B7]it is really all I [Em]have since you are gone.

I[Am] guess it is [Am/F#]just that [Am/G]people [Am/F#]come and g[Em]o
y[Am]ou came,and y[Am/F#]ou went and [Am/G]now it is[Am/F#] time you kn[Em]ow
[Am]believe me when I[Am/F#] tell you, [Am/G]I'll get t[Am/F#]hrough the nig[Em]ht
this b[F]ottle is alright,It al[G]ways treats me nice.

words and music by Walker Hornung ASCAP

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