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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 11:53:26 -0500 (CDT)
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Subject: Get'in  by-----Jerry Jeff Walker

GET"IN BY--------------------Jerry Jeff Walker  

A                 D    
O.K. buckaroos. Scamp Walker time again.
E                               A
Gonna try to slide one by once more.
Don't matter how ya do it. 
Just do it like you know what your doing
E                                    A
besides we been down this road one before...

 A          D             E                  A
Just get'in by on get'in by's my stock and trade
D                A
Liv'in it day to day
D                E                     A
Pick'in up the pieces where ever they fall
D                E               A
Just lett'in it roll let'in the high times carry the load
D              E                  A
I'm liv'in my life easy come easy go.

Here are the rest of the lyrics from both Viva Luckenbach and the regular

Seems like only yesterday 
we rolled into this town.
Band of pickers
nobody ever heard us before.
Now were all sport'in beer bellies
we got glasses and a bunch of grey hair,
besides we been down this road once before...
Well the dance hall is still stand'in.
She needs some repairs,
A lot a cowboy boots have slid over these boards.
Well I ain't no spring chicken either.
My dance cards sure been punched,
besides we been down this road once before...

Income tax over due.
I think she is too.
Been busted I'll probably get busted somemore.
But I'll catch it all later. 
Can't let it stop me now,
besides i've been down this road once before...
Something something something
its record time again,
and I can see Ol' Steve Boy pacing the floor.
Oh Steve don't ya worry.
Somethings bound to come out,
besides we been down this road once before...

********************I think thats about all the lyrics*****************
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