Walkmen - Long Time Ahead Of Us chords

E B is mostly played without e&B stringse-x B-9 G-9 D-9(not played most of the time) A-7 E-x
EOh bad luck
EBad luck you come for me
E B EAnd the days are only getting shorter
EWhen you come
B ECome along in the evening
E B EAnd leave me in the middle of the night
E Ebm Dbm B (Here in "E Ebm Dbm B" sequence tne bass note and 1 octave up are mainly played)
A ETake me tonight as I am
E Ebm Dbm B
A ELeave me the way I was found
Moonlight Oh, moonlight help me sleep There's far too much weighing on my mind The stars In the night sky Yell at me Oh and shadows to my left And to my right Oh and tomorrow will rise And the sky will be bright
E B E Long time ahead of us
E Goodnight
B I'll never change
E B Now that I got you
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