Walkmen – Weve Been Had chords

What's up, bitches?

I think this song is great, but I couldn't find any tabs for it.
So I tried to make some sense of it.
Forgive me, it was on piano and I'm not too good at learning by ear.

Capo on 2
(try finger picking to simulate the piano)

DI'm a modern guy
DI don't care much for the go-go
D Gor the retro image I see so often
G Dtelling me to keep trying
Dmaybe you'll get here someday
D Akeep up the work kid, okay
A DI close the book on them right there
AI see myself change as the days change over
F AI hear the songs and the words don't change
DI write them out of the book right there
(I don't know this bit. Suggest please!) we've been had, you say it's over sometimes I'm just happy I'm older we've been had, I know it's over somehow it got easy to laugh out loud Other than that you do a repeat of this. Here's the rest of the lyrics out of generosity. see me age nineteen with some dumb haircut from 1960 moving to New York sitting here with my friends we're all taking the same steps seems foolish now
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