Walkmen - The Blue Route tab

So this is probably my favorite walkmen song, and no one had any tabs so i made my own, Enjoy!

The intro has a little bit of a weird rythm, but just listen to the song and put these chords in. X2 {-----------------------------------------} e---11-11--9--9---11-11-11-9--9---11-11-11-11-11------]B---10-10--10-10--10-10-10-10-10--12-12-12-12-12------]G---11-11--11-11--11-11-11-11-10--13-13-13-13-13------]D-----------------------------------------------------]A-----------------------------------------------------]E-----------------------------------------------------]
Then the little riff goes like this
I hope you liked these, and im working on completing the full song, please rate this!
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