Wallflowers - Three Ways tab

Three Ways
words and music by Jakob Dylan
off Red Letter Days (2002)
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tabbed by Ian


B5 =X-9-9-11-X-XA#5=X-8-8-10-X-XB =7-9-9-8-7-7A# =6-8-8-7-6-6
Intro (guitar chords) B5..A#5.....B.....B5....A#5.....B
Three Ways words and music by Jakob Dylan B5 A#5 B Thereís three ways out of every box B5 A#5 Fall out the bottom B Or crawl out the top B5 A#5 There's three ways B Out of every, every box B5....A#5.....B A# B But if you canít find your way out A# Then you just burn it B To the ground Then youíll disappear Like smoke Into the clouds (play intro) Thereís three wys off a merry-go-round You either jump Or you let it slow down Thereís three ways Off a merry-go, merry-go-round But if you canít put your foot down Then you just burn it To the ground Then you walk away Real slow Back into the crowd Thereís always somebody there for a laugh** Then youíre the only one Thatís left Now thatís what you get Left behind in the wreck** (play intro) Thereís three ways off a burning bridge You pray for rain Or you learn how to swim Thereís three ways off of every Burning bridge But if you canít find strength And you quit Then you can just burn up And sink Then youíll drift away Real slow Down into the ground (play intro) ** I think this verse is the same. It may be slightly different.** Enjoy!
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