Wallflowers – If You Never Got Sick tab

If You Never Got Sick
words and music by Jakob Dylan
off Red Letter Days (2002)
Tabbed by Ian (ickis@netnet.net)


Capo@ 4th Fret

G ...D....C...D play 2x

That ain't a parachute
That ain't a rip cord
C  	                   D
That ain't a body of water

We're headed for
G		          D
There's so little time left
So much to be done
D                    	G
Even you are gonna need someone

That ain't a trick of light
Or the morning haze
Coming in from the lake
Getting into your eyes
It's the invisible breath
Of a storm on the rise
That I feel whenever you arrive

C C/b C/d D
	                 Now I may not be quick
	                Maybe never was
C C/b C/d D
	                But tell me what the hell it is
	                That you've become

G            D
Baby if you never got sick
                C               D         
I wouldn't get to hold       you
G                        D
Baby if you never got sick
                    C         D              
I would never get to hold    you

This ain't a righteous love
Even a good one
These ain't the kinds of returns
I was thinking of
I'm unbearable now
You ain't seen nothing yet
You'll see me dead
Before you see me quit
That ain't a jug of wine
That you've been drinking from
Now lay back now baby
Let your fever come

I will you bury you in
Just to dig you out
I haven't a use
For being proud

	The deeper the slide
	The higher the rise
	But don't be disapointed
	How I usin' mine

(repeat chorus)

C/d(2)                D5
I think I made a mistake
C/d(2)                        D5
I pushed when you said to wait
But I never get to hold you

I follow you deep into a barren field
There was someone you were running from
When I need to sleep
That's when you disappeared
But I did get the impossible done

	Now I always knkew
	There was God inside you
	I just never did learn which one

(repeat chorus)



--D-G--when switching from D-G do this little thing. D GE-0h2-3-B-3---3-G-2---0-D-0---0-A-----2-E-----3-
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