Wallflowers - Here In Pleasantville tab

Here In  Pleasantville
words and music by Jakob Dylan
Red Letter Days (2002)
Tabbed by Ian

EADGBe and Capo @ 2nd fret

Intro: D......A.......G (x2) D A GE-0--2--0--2-3--2p0----2p0---B-3-----2----0-----3-------3-G-2-----2----0---------------D-0-----2----0---------------A-------0----2---------------E------------3---------------
D If you could see yourself A The way that I do G You might change A thing or two D A You wouldn't look so angry G You'd know it doesn't Look good on you So grab your coat A Grab your hats G There ain't no saying A If we're coming back D Cause something's gone G So terribly wrong A D Here in Pleasantville (play intro x1) Do you remember How we'd stay out so late We used to have So much fun We used to wish that the morning sun Just wouldn't ever come But look as us now We're tucked in tight We're just praying for a little light Cause' somethings' gone So terribly wrong Here in Pleasantville (play intro x2) D I need to tell you now A G As we leave D That it's much worse A G Than you would believe Em And no matter how far D You think you've been C The beginning A That's where you are G So I'm using my last match A G To put a fire up on every hill A D And burn down Pleasantville (intro x2) We never did learn (play variations of intro during How to use our voices this verse) We never thought That we'd be heard The only way they ever listen Is if we scream every word Cause there's nothing In our walk That just ain't the kind of luck we've got So let's move in Cause something's wrong So terribly wrong Here in Pleasantville (introx4)
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