Wallflowers - Sleepwalker Acoustic tab

Sleepwalker (acoustic) from the Breach Bonus Cd
words and music by Jakob Dylan
tabbed by Ian (ickis@new.rr.com)

standard tuning (lots of the main body is just picking around the chords)

weird chords


no capo (intro)

Em D G Maybe I could be the one they adore C G D That could be my infatuation Em D G It's where I'm from that makes them think I'm a whore C G D I'm an educated virgin Em Am Now sleepwalker don't be shy D G D/F# Em Don't open your eyes tonight Am You'll be the one D That defends my life, when I'm, dead asleep dreaming (chorus) C/G G D Em Now cupid don't draw back your bow C/G G D Em Sam Cooke didn't know what I know Em D/F# G C/G Never be your valentine C C* C The sleepwalker in me, god only knows I've tried (intro) Let me in, let me drown, or let me swim Just don't leave me at the window I could be the one to be your next best friend You may need someone to hold you Sleepwalker take this knife You may see someone tonight You'd be the one who saved my life, when i'm, dead asleep dreaming (chorus) (bridge) Bm Bm7 I'm in your movie C G And everyone looks sad Bm Bm7 C G I can't hear you, your voice in the laugh track Am You never saw my best scene C D When I sleep....sleepwalk into your dream (intro x2) Sleepwalker what's my life? It's only a matter of time to die Learn to open up my eyes when i'm, dead asleep dreaming (chorus)
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