Wallflowers – Mourning Train tab

Mourning Train ย– The Wallflowers
Tabbed by : Anthony

If you play it this way itย’s in standard tuning
-Verses 1,2&3 follow the same chord progression

Verse 1
D                                              G            
Mama don't 'you send me no love this month
D                               G
'cause my heart is all used up
A                                  D
and mama I wanna come home
A                         D
I wanna get back home 

G                                   D       G
So look out into the morning rain
                 D       A                                G 
'cause I'm on ย…ย…ย….the mourning train 

Verse 2
I'm bringing down my suitcase now
I'm shining up my good shoes brown
'cause no-one knows my name
now, no-one knows my name
So look out into the morning rain
'cause I'm on the mourning train 

Bm                         E
Mama look at me now
Oh how I wish
                  G      A
You were around
D                A          F#
So many friends I wish
                     Bm     A       E
I had right now

D   A     G         D        G

Verse 3
Mister you can't hurt me now
You've got my girl, I still don't know how
But it don't matter now
No it don't matter now
So look out into the morning rain
'cause I'm on,
I'm already on
The mourning train
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