Wallis Bird - Just Keep Going chords

Hi there, 
not sure bout every option note aso., feel free to experiment. However, this 
should be enough to get the gist of it:

Drop D Tuning

Chords:Asus2 Em G6/9 Dsus2 Edim Gdim Bm11 E5 F#50------2------5------0------0------0------0------x------x0------0------0------3------0------0------3------x------x 2------0------0------2------0------0------4------x------x2------2------5------0------2------5------4------2------40------2------5------0------1------4------2------2------4x------2------5------0------2------5------x------2------4
Asus2 Emadd9Months pass by and I'm still the same
G6/9 (no3rd) Dsus2 (maj7->8) Can't stop saying your name
Asus2 Emadd9Pictures show I look so washed out
G6/9 (no3rd) Dsus2 (maj7->8) I haven't slept right for days And I was crying "please don't be in love" (unless you love me back) Put on my shoes and for a walk But I can't escape my thoughts... so I
G6/9 Dsus2 Just keep going, just keep going
Edim Gdim(no3rd)#11,13 G6/9 Dsus2 Bm11And there's the turn - I'm so weak, I look in your eyes and die
Edim Gdim(no3rd)#11,13 G6/9 Dsus2 Bm11 A7And there's the turn - I'm so bruised, I can't tell you 'cos I'll lose, I'll lose
G6/9 E5 F#5 E5 Dsus2So I just keep going, just keep going
Bm11 No distance showing, just keep it... Songs write by and I'm still the same Can't shake this fucking thing I'll smile at you but I won't show my teeth You'll only see half of me 'Cos when I slept in someone else's arms I knew I knew the truth Kept leaning over to kiss their mouth, but I kept expecting you
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