Wally Pleasant - Lets Play Life tab

(intro) c x4

          c                       g
i got a twelve pack of beer and foods on its way
          c                        f
i got a brand new risk game and im ready to play 
          c                  g                  c   
you can go first after the pieces have been dispersed

from the northwest territory to madagascar
you're the prettiest girl i've ever seen by far
and i wish you luck on your quest to rule the world

and i cant help but smile as your army attacks
i bet napoleon bonaparte never felt this relaxed
please dont get mad if i make up the rules as we go

       f                       g           
theres so much to risk theres so much to lose
        c                        a
if you sink my battleship ill still look for clues
      f                               g
my pursuits arent trivial you have a monopoly on my heart
          c                           a
you can twister around but please dont tear it apart
      f        g   
baby next time lets play life

(verse 2)

Well it`s Friday night and I can`t help my fascination
With the way the light hits your face and world domination
As the Ukraine gets attacked from the west
And when the rolling dice stops and are little game ends
If you empires destroyed can we still be friends
Please take a card I wouldn`t want to cheat you



  c         a       f        g
checkers no no no chess goes way to slow
 c          a       f          g
trouble i gotta go scrabble cant get into the flow

c a f g


        f                    g
we can fly off the board up to the stars
         c              a
in our little plastic pastel cars 
  f            g                c a
baby next time lets play life
  f                  g
and if you accepted my invitation gladly 
   c                 a
i would thank go fo milton bradley
  f            g                    c
baby next time lets play life
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