Walter Meego - Forever chords version 1

I have seen this song performed live for acoustic and I'm pretty sure this is how he 

C/G (332010)
G   (320033)
Em  (022000)
F#m (x24432)
D   (000232)
Am  (002210)

C/G G F#m C/GYou know I'll wait forever, If I have time to
Am G F#m Em DBut I don't have forever, to wait for you yeah
C/G G F#m C/GSo when I say I want, us to be together
Am G F#m Em DJust say you want me too and I'll be yours forever
G D Em DI could show you a place
G D Em DYou've never been there before
G D Em DI could show you the way
G D Em DYou just can't go back no more
Am Em DI could make you excited x2
VERSE 2,PRE-CHORUS, and CHORUS all the same notes, song ends on a held G
note: on the switch from the C/G chord to the Am in the chorus, he plays two transition that go like this:e|------0--------------------0-----------------------------------------------|B|------1--------------------1-----------------------------------------------|G|------0--------------------2-----------------------------------------------|D|------2--------------------2-----------------------------------------------|A|------3------3------2------0-----------------------------------------------|E|------3--------------------0-----------------------------------------------|
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