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From: "J.A. Takata" 
Subject: The Waltons - "Truth and Beauty"

Truth and Beauty - By The Waltons

Intro:  Am G C D

Verse 1:

Love is out of style
		     D	      C
A phoney smile can bring it home
  Am		   G
Wouldn't it be so nice
to live our lives
		D		C
Wear the best, out the rest to dry
Who can't believe in 
G	Am 	C	D

Verse 2:

Don't, don't need a poll
To read the lines that hide behind the grins
of tainted and sainted sins
and who we'll meet
Skip red carpets, I wont harp on souls
who can't believe in

G  Am     C   D
Truth and Beauty
G  Am     C   D
Truth and Beauty
G Am G Am

D		     C		 G	Am
Beauty can't cause trust 	trust
D		     C		 G	Am
Beauty can't cause trust	trust
D  C  D  C  D  C
D			    G
When out in the public and people you know...

Verse 3:
Glance across their face
Fix their grins on candle-light glares
I'm wondering if they'll care
of who you are
Bank upon the car you're driving
them home in
Just leave me alone with...


Repeat verse 1 but bring all chords up one step
G, D, C, Am becomes:  A, E, D, Bm

There was a serious lack of Canadian music at Nevada!

Jason Takata 
McMaster University 
Hamilton, Ontario

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