Wanda Jackson – Lets Have A Party tab

Wanda Jackson - Let's have a party

Intro: G# - D#

1. D#
   Some people like to rock
   some people like to roll
   but movin' and groovin' gonna satisfy my soul

Ref: G#
     Let's have a party     oooohhhhh
     let's have a party
     to have sitting to the starlets
     have some wallets
     A#           D#
     have a party tonight

2. I never kissed a bear
   I never kissed a goo
   but I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room

Ref + Solo

2. + Ref

3. Honkey Tonkey Joe
   is knocking at the door
   bring him and I'll fill him up and send him to the floor


4. The mean is on the store (?)
   the bricks are getting hot
   everybody running up the passing in the bar

Ref + fade out

Play the song as a  Rock 'n Roll

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