Warm Gun - Grounded tab


These words are coming slowly
I am breaking this holding
Dm7      Em7          C             
It's taking   all my time

She's on the 'all she told me'
Her whispering words that haunt me
Dm7         Em7       C         Am/B
It's wasting all my heart

Am                  C/G               B7                
One word can change it and
                        Em              C
One look can say it, yeah

She lyes there for the taking
Shades of the things that we are
Dm7         Em7    C         Am/B
It's mine to look deeper

Am                  C/G               B7
One word can change it and
One look can say it and
F                     B7                Em    
One heart can be broken and
                    F               C   
One life can be taken away

I'll say goodbye to my friends
Ride into the yellow sunset
Dm7           Em7                
The past ,it, will be read
B7                   Em7          
The now has not started
F                    G        C
And you will love again

Words and Music by Liam Duggan
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