Warm Gun – Shes Holding My Soul tab

(She's) Holding My Soul - Warm Gun

Intro Alternate Am and Am11 for four bars.

Am   Am11    C7
What did you say?
        D          Am     Am11     Am     Am11
Its too late for revival?
Am         Am11    C7
You should know by now,
        D          Am    A11    Am
We need it for our survival.

Em      B7      Em
All you want is love
    Em7      C      G     D/F#
You say its all you need.
Em            B7           Em     C       G
Sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees
         Fmaj7   Ab     Am    Am11   Am   Am11
and it's hurting me inside.

Am  Am11    C7             D         Am        Am11    Am    Am11
Why get involved with the ones that hurt you?
Am          Am11  C7        D          Am        Am11  Am
You need to break free from ones that desert you.

Em        B7     Em   Em7    C          G     
So take a little time to realize what's real
D/F#  Em           B7        Em     
Cause it's not the games you play
Em7    C         G
Or the drugs you steal                  (pick these then strum C i Ch.)
         Fmaj7   Ab    Am - G - D/F# -- Fadd9 - Gadd11
And it's driving me insane.

C                    Em      Em7
Your playing with my emotions
           Am   G5        D/F#
I'm like a ship without a sail
Am11    C       Am9   Am  
In this game of frail devotions
              Dsus2       Ab   Absus4  Am    Am11  Am   Am11
Sometimes you win but sometimes you'll fail.

Am          Am11  -ect. ect.
Where do we go?
Now we've been to the bottom.
I give you everything,
But all I feel is sorrow.

Em      B7 -ect. ect.
Love is wearing thin and time aint on our side.
I can't find what's wrong,
If you always hide.
               Fmaj7   Ab  Am - G - D/F# --Fadd9- Gadd11
And now she is holding my soul.


Words and Music by Liam Duggan and Richard Mc Sorley
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