Warpaint - Undertow tab version 2

This is the main part of the great song undertow from the wonderful Warpaint. It's the 
stuff from the BBC session.
Here the link in order to get the right rhythm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJuwmH0qJH4
Enjoy !

e:----------------|B:----------------|G:-11-11/2-2--2-2-| RHY FIG 1D:--0--0-0-0--4-4-|A:----------------|E:----------------|
e:--------------------------|B:--------------------------|G:-2-2xxx2-2-2-2-2xxx-2-2-4/| RHY FIG 2D:-0-0xxx4-4-4-0-0xxx-4-4-4/|A:--------------------------|E:--------------------------|
Slide to rhy fig 1 I'm not sure of the little part of "I feel you in my heart tonight" but I think it's like :
The little solo in bend styley is something I've not transcribe yet... Tabbed by Kiedisette Redhotpunkyshe@hotmail.fr xx
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