Warpaint - Warpaint tab version 2

Warpaint - Warpaint
The Fool

This is probably my favourite song by them!! I think I got most of it right! 
They probably play a weird version of those chords but should be ok! 
Hope you enjoy and please comment with recommendations and mistakes then 
at a later stage I may be able to add a more accurate version!

Intro and second verse:

Em De|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------|A|-----5--7-----5--7-----5--7-----5--7--7/8-7--5--7-|E|--0--------0--------0--------0--------------------|
First Instrumental: E D Ce|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------|D|--------9--------9----9-------12---------10--------|A|-----10--------------------10----------------------|E|--12------121212---12---12-------121212-----12-12--|
Second Instrumental (a lot of delay so it rings):e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|---9b---9-7--------------------------------------------|D|---------------9-7-------------------99999999----------|A|--------------------9--9-10--7-------------------------|E|--------------------------------10-7-------------------|
Intro: Em The war you fight is underneath D the water, getting deeper. Em The wall, the wall, the falling wall, Em D the wall is busting open. Em D The wall is busting open. Em In like a dull knife D pulls out all the stops E I fall out like D time running out Em (even when I was whispering you hold on, the water was slippery D you listen, the weather was answering I let go, I wanna get into it) (First Instrumental) Em D Em D You've got your reasons that, hey hey, Em D Em D turned by the seasons and long days gone Em G Em G too many minds in my, I don't know, Bm G Bm G got in the way of my busting out Bm G Cold and under, I almost forgot to Bm G face up to what i ought to. Bm G Willing and I do give offering to you Bm G Willing and I do give offering to you Bm G Don't know why I feel so different Bm G Feel just like a different person Em G Willing and I do give offering to you Em D You're tied in a knot, can't throw you back here. Em D You've got the floor, they say. You gotta lock it up. Em D Em Late into the night you wore off that fever. D That fever. Bm G You've got your reasons that, hey hey, turned by the seasons and long days gone. Too many minds in my, I don't know got in the way of my busting out. (Second Instrumental) Em D I'm over here by your way. Tight as a knot, i want to fade. I'm over here by your way. Tight as a knot, I want to fade.
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