Hi chords with lyrics by Warpaint - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Warpaint – Hi chords

A AmUp all night
D FYou wore your falling heart
C EmAnd opened up to us
A AmAnd now
D FWe know the place
C EmYou left
A AmYou sailed
D FThe saddest smile
C EmAnd turned it inside out
A AmYour mother
D FShe knows your face
C EmCan do without
A AmIn the middle of the day
D FWe find love
C EmSo quietly
A AmYou gave to us
DOur life our laugh
FOur life our laugh
C EmAnd turned it inside out
A AmI know it hurts
D FFeeling so stuck
CWhen you can’t
EmCome out
A Am D F C EmBut you brought us up so high
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