Warrant - Stronger Now chords


this is one of my fave song from warrant. i've been searching for any tabs or 
chords of this song to no avail. i hope this can help. just find/play with the 
chords specially the A and D chords for the right tone or whatever. feel free to 
comment and request.e-mail add: jack082674@yahoo.com

INTRO: F#m  A  D  A-Asus-A
       F#m  A  D  A - E-Esus-E

A-Asus-A F#mI held you for a moment in my hands
F#m A D-Dsus-DThe moment with you slipped away like sand
E Esus E A-Asus-AThrough my fingers now
A-Asus-A F#mIn front of me a choice I have to make
F#m A D-Dsus-DTo carry on or simply fade away
E Esus E F#mI lose you either way
C# DI'd like to say that it was easy, it was hard
A F#m D To say goodbye, I thought that I would die
F#m-A-D A F#m-A-D A ELetting go of you, was so hard to do
D A EAnd I thought that it would kill me but I made
F#m D A E A-Asus-AIt through somehow, and I'm so much stronger now
A-Asus-A F#mI gave to you my love and my respect
F#m A D-Dsus-DBut I could never make you love me back
E-Esus-E A-Asus-AI denied it so
A-Asus-A F#mI grew bitter watching you grow cold
F#m A D-Dsus-DMy life became your prison, took it's toll
E-Esus-E I decided
F#m C# Like a bird that's trapped
Inside a gilded cage
DIt's right to set it free,
AHurts to watch it
F#m DFly away
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