Warrant – Drfsr tab

By Christopher McWhirter

Dirty Rotten Filthy $tinking Rich

Eb-0---0----------|---------|Bb-0---0----------|---------|Gb-9-7-9----------|-7-5-7---|Db-9-7-9----------|-7-5-7---|Ab-7-5-7----------|-5-3-5---|Eb-0---0--0-0-0-0-|---------| |--pm-|Eb-0---0----------|---------|-----|Bb-0---0----------|---------|-----|Gb-9-7-9----------|-7-5-7---|-2---|Db-9-7-9----------|-7-5-7---|-2-5-|Ab-7-5-7----------|-5-3-5---|-0-5-|Eb-0---0--0-0-0-0-|---------|---3-| |--pm-|
E D E D C D Italian cars as long as my street E D E I'm gonna wear exotic animals D C D A G On my feet E D E Pretty rocks on my fingers D C D Pretty bells on my toes E D E Lots of caviar for my mouth D C D A G Maybe I'll even pierce my nose BRIDGE C C D Give me, give me just half a chance G A to lead you in this corporate dance
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