Warren Haynes – Rivers Gonna Rise chords

I do not play by ear so I'm sure some of these chords are a bit off. I watched the 
video of him playing behind the scenes at the White House. 
It is a lot 
of barre chords so it isn't very easy to play. It sounds ok on an acoustic but it sounds 
better on electric. And I'm sure it would sound
 better on 
an ES-335. Sorry this isn't the most organized tab but it is better than nothing i 
The chords
just go with whatever lyrics are under them. 
Just try and figure out when to switch chords by yourself. It's not hard! Enjoy!


The fill he does at the beginning is an open A string and then A string 3rd fret.

G Bb C D GmVerse:
Bb F C F Gm Darkness hides the faces of we who hold the power. We don't need to be rich We only need to be free Bb F Am Gm Chains of oppression Never gonna break But a day will come when we hold the key Bb Gm Bb Gm C5 Time will remind us That the people still have a choice And we don't want violence Until there's no other choice Chorus: Gm Gm Bb Gm C5 Gm But the river's gonna rise Wash our struggles away The sun is gonna shine Shine down on a brand new day Bells will be ringing Flames reaching to the sky Higher and higher Fueled by the winds of change Sweet taste of freedom Fresh on the tips of our tongues And the dust of the past is all that shall remain Echoes of our voices Ringing all through the town Will drown out the memories Of the days when we were bound Chorus
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