Warren Haynes - Glory Road tab

Artist: Warren Haynes (Written by Ray Sisk)
Song: Glory Road
Album: Live At Bonnaroo

Transcribed by: Kevin Goodsell

Notes: There are chords mixed in with the riffs that I didn't
bother to write out. It's pretty easy to figure out where they
go. Each riff is only written once, but used at least a few times
-- it should be obvious where.

There's one chord that I don't know the name of for sure. I wrote
it as C9maj7 (my best guess), and it looks like this (low to high):


Intro - start with a G chord, then:

e -----------------------------------------------------------------B ------0---------0---------0--------------------------------------G --------0--------------------------------------------------------D --0h2-----2-2s4---4---0h2--------0h2p0---------------------------A --------------------5--------------------------------------------E ---------------------------------------3-------------------------
G D Tonight I'm gonna sleep in a good hotel Am C D A nice warm bath if all goes well I've G D Been out in the badlands twenty-one days C D Tracking my bounty down G D C D G D He was only a kid maybe seventeen Am C D Traded love away for a streak of mean G D Now he's tied to my saddle with his head hung low C D G Out on the glory road
G De -----------------------------------------------------------------B -----------------------------------------------------------------G -----------------------------------------------------------------D ---0h2---2-2-0---------------------------------------------------A -----------------------------------0-0h2p0-----------------------E ---------------------------------3---------3---------------------
D D7 So all you down town ladies won't you G C G Dress in style D D7 I've got some gold in my saddle bags C G I'd trade it for a smile D C Let's have dinner on the devil tonight G C C9maj7 Am Tomorrow there'll be hell to pay G D Won't you come along, I'll be riding on C D G The glory road some day G D Two men painted on a midnight sky Am C D One slung low, the other riding high G D C D I wonder if anybody knows just why I had to shoot him down G D C D G D And now I lay me down to rest Am C D God bless the boy, my bullet in his chest G D But you can't bless me 'cause I lost my soul C D G Out on the glory road (Repeat chorus)
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