Warren Zevon - Jeannie Needs A Shooter chords version 1

Jeannie Needs A Shooter 

Intro: E  A B

E A E I was born down by the river where the dirty water flows
A E And the cold wind cut through me; it cut right through my clothes
A E And the anger and the yearning, like fever in my veins
E A ESet the fire burning
She came down from Knightstown with her hands hard from the line From the first time I laid eyes on her I know that she`d be mine Her father was a lawman--he swore he`d shoot me dead `Cause he knew I wanted Jeannie and I`d haver her like I said Chorus:
E B A EJeannie needs a shooter, shooter like me
E B Jeannie needs a shooter
E B A EJeannie needs a shooter, shooter on her side
E B IntroJeannie needs a shooter
We met down by the river on the final day in May And when I leaned down to kiss her, she did not turn away I drew out all my money and together we did vow To meet that very evening, and get away somehow Chorus The night was cold and rainy down by the borderline I was riding hard to meet her when a shot rang out behind As I lay there in the darkness with a pistol by my side Jeannie and her father rode off into the night Jeannie needs a shooter
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