Warren Zevon - My Rides Here chords

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My Ride s Here chords
Warren Zevon 

G C D G  C

G I was staying at the Marriott,
Cwith Jesus and John Wayne
GI was waiting for a chariot,
D C Gthey were waiting for a train
The sky was full of carrion,
Em"I'll take the mazuma"
AmSaid Jesus to Marion,
D"that's the 3:10 to Yuma
G C DMy ride's here 4x
GThe Houston sky was changeless,
Cwe galloped through bluebonnets
GI was wrestling with an angel,
D C Gyou were working on a sonnet
You said, "I believe the seraphim,
Emwill gather up my pinto
AmAnd carry us away, Jim,
Dacross the San Jacinto
G C DMy ride's here 4x
Em GShelley and Keats were out in the street,
D Emand even Lord Byron was leaving for Greece
GWhile back at the Hilton, last but not least,
D CMilton was holding his sides
Em Saying, "You bravos had better be,
Dready to fight
Em Am DOr we'll never get out of East Texas, tonight
Em Em6The trail is long and the river is wide,
Am Am7 D7and my ride s here
G C DMy ride's here 4x
G C G D G Em Am D G Am D D7 C
GI was staying at the Westin,
CI was playing to a draw
G When in walked Charlton Heston,
D C Gwith the Tablets of the Law
He said, "It's still the Greatest Story",
EmI said, "Man, I'd like to stay
Am But I'm bound for glory,
DI'm on my way
G C DMy ride's here 14x
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