Wasp – Wasted White Boys chords

Wasted white boys - W.A.S.P.

Ab Ab B Gb

Ab give me a line and pour me wine
B DbI'll do the Devil's daughter
Ab Fill my glass and kick your ass
B Db I'll do it any time
Ab I don't want no Holy rollers
B DbOn your knees
Ab B DbThere's no time to waste tonight
AbNo don't hold me rollers
B DbI don't need
Ab B GbCause I might die tonight
AbI'm a wasted white
White boys better
B DbRun for you lives
AbIt's do or die, die
B Db I'll tell you why
Ab Gb Wasted white boys ride free and I'd
AbRather die that get civilized
B DbOh let me ride
It's come down to blows with a bloody nose I am - wasted and out of order Demon swill with a thirst to kill I'll do it anytime Oh I don't want no Holy rollers On your knees There's no time to waste tonight No don't hold me rollers I don't need Cause I might die tonight Chorus Db Eb Eb Db Eb x3 Db Db Eb Eb Db Eb x3 Db Eb F (high)Gb Eb Ab Ab Ab B Gb
AbWasted boys feeling no pain
Howl at the moon in the night Just give me shooters and that demon cocaine
Ab B Gb B GbI'm the devil alright
Ab Ab B Db
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