Wasp – Mercy chords


C I’m gonna take you, lay you face
FDown on my bed
C FOn bloody roses see you smile
COoh your screaming heart is bleeding
FBlack and beating loud
CYou got no prayer nowhere
There ain't noway out tonight Eb C x4
CI’ll make you cry for mercy
A#I’ll make you cry out loud
AbYou’re gonna lie and curse me
G A#Hurt me, burn me now
CGonna make you cry for mercy
A#Nobody never gonna hear you now
AbI’ll make you mine but first I
G I’ll make you cry out loud
COut loud
Ooh out loud x3 I feel your face embrace the sweat Fall from my head My name is vain and flames you cry Ooh and your bloody lips you raise to kiss Away goodbye You wicked bitch I’ll take you Take you away and make you mine Chorus
Eb C x4solo on chorus
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