Wasp - Sunset And Babylon chords

Sunset and Babylon

Ab A#Just a little bit west of old Pasadena
F# C# AbIs the place I go, I call it home for me
Ab A#Call it what you will, Tinseltown for real
F# C# AbIt's the open edge where the debutantes run free
Ab A#Hollywood, California, Rocktown USA
F# C# AbCruising down the strip is where I'll be
Ab At the Rainbow bar and grill
A#I'll drink till I get my fill
F# C# AbThe home of the movie stars is where you'll find me
Ab A#Gimme gimme home on Sunset
F# C# Ab Desolation Boulevard I ride
A#Gimme gimme home on Sunset
F# C# AbIt's paradise on the faultline tonight
AbEverybody's lost in the land of Disney
A#Ecstacy and Sister Misery
F# AbSave your soul boy, but not to the stars
Ha ha ha solo Ab A# F# C# Ab x2
AbIt's the land of the twenty four hour party
A#And my fist firmly wrapped around a fifth of Bacardi
F# C# AbOn the Sunset Strip's where the orphans play tonight
So if you wanna get really rude Just come on down and we'll get crude Cause there ain't no place like here Baby I mean nowhere Cause in here's the land of sun and sin All the freaks here gonna let you in The shooting stars and the poseurs are gonna be there Gimme gimme home on Sunset Desolation Boulevard I ride Gimme gimme home on Sunset It's paradise on the faultline tonight
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