Watchmen – Middle East tab

Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 01:32:03 +0000
From: Marty McNab 
Subject: TAB:  "Middle East" by "The Watchmen"

Here is my attempt at "Middle East" written and performed by the Watchmen. 
From the album "In the Trees" 

Transcribed by Marty McNab.

You'll have to listen to the song to get the feel for it.  
Intro:(2 parts repeated back and forth)

part 1:first time played twice, after that, just once.e----------------------------------------------------b-------------------9----------------------9-------g-------------------9----------------------9-------d---------------(9)-9-----------------(9)--9-------a---x-x-11p9-9-9/7--7---11-11-11p9-9-9/7---7-------E-----------------------------------------------------
part 2:
intro ends after the 2nd part 1. verse (same as intro riff, except starting on part 2) Chorus: E Eb/E D(5)
bridge chords: 1st part: I'm not exactly sure about these chords, I hear an Em and possibly a D, but I'm not positive. B 2nd part: "talking strange" Then back to first part. Then another chorus. 3rd part: one guitar plays verse riff, while other guitar strums on E. 4th part: hold on E for 3 bars, then hit A for the 4th bar. Do this twice. 5th and final part: E for 2 bars and A for 2 bars. Lyrics: The Middle East one day, blue's swept away there comes a sunshine, start to distray In walking comes a smile, I didn't know the day She sits downside me, perfectly arranged. Laura's gone a way, I don't know just how long she'll be there. Sadly eyes of pain, bouncing in and out of nowhere. She wanders all around, will she make on fries and coffee? ?on bigger words that sees?, and I'm afraid of what it might be. Chorus Ain't nobody to help me on the outside, gotta make it to the inside, and I'm talking strange Chorus it's alright, she leaves it all behind, we all run from the Middle East sometimes. in my mind, I can take us anywhere, escape us anywhere escape us everywhere. THAT'S IT! Any questions/comments (please don't be too harsh). e-mail me at
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