Watchout Theres Ghosts - Remember Me Oh God For Good chords

Watch Out There's Ghosts
Remember Me, Oh God, For Good
tabbed by middaysilence
standard tunning

i was suprised that no one tabbed this out,
but then again, i dont think too many people know of them,
much less any guitarists.. its a fairly simple song, im not 100% sure of it, and its 
the acoustic parts, but its better than nothing, and it sounds pretty close to me

and i know that the G's and Em's are written different on the verses and chrouses, its 
a typo, it means play that simple chord instead of adding on the other things..

special chords used throughout song:

Bm something?|-3-||-3-||-2-||-0-||-2-||---|
then play G/D, Em, and Cadd9,with those little fills in between each chord,
isnt hard to figure out Verse 1
G/D EmI hold your back against my chest
CRest my lips gently on your neck
G/DWatch you stir so peacefully
I wonder if you're dreaming of me Pre-Chorus
EmHello, hello, can I get you something?
Cadd9Goodbye, goodbye, cause he gave you nothing
But you know I would Yeah you know I would Chorus
G Cadd9How am I supposed to keep
Em7 Cadd9 BmAll to myself when I can see
G Cadd9Everything that I could ever need
Em7 Cadd9 BmIs standing right in front of me
Verse 2
G/D EmKeep a piece of you so close to me
G/D Cadd9So when I sing this song you feel my grief
G/DEvery night on this fucking stage
So far from you, but so close to fame Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge
Cadd9 DWhen you're gone the days seem so long
Cadd9 DTime keeps ticking but I can't move on
Em7 Cadd9But when you're here it all becomes so clear
Am Cadd9I'm only happy when you're near
Interlude (which is basiclly the chrous, but intrusmental, and with some very faint leads going on) Chorus i havent had a chance to work with the electric parts, this is what ive got for now, its pretty simple.. Enjoy!
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