Waterboys – Fisherman Blues tab

I love this song so I tried to post it because nobody else did it before......
I think it is played by them in G however it sounds terrific even in F sharp and surely easier to sing..
here it is my version

[F#]         [E]         [Gm#]          [B] 

play it twice

[F#]I wish I was a fisherman, [E]tumbling on the seas
[Gm#]Far away from dry land, and it's [B]bitter memories
[F#]Casting you my sweet light with [E]abandonment and love
[Gm#]No ceiling staring down on me, save the [B]starry sky above 
     With light in my [F#]hair, [E]you in my [Gm#]arms, woo woo [B]ooh

[F#]I wish I was the brake man, [E]on a Hartland diesel train
[Gm#]Crashing headlong into the heartland, like a [B]cannon in the rain
[F#]With the beating of the sleepers, and the [E]burning of the coal
[Gm#]Counting towns flashing by me, in a [B]night that's full of soul 

[F#]Oh I know I will be loosened, [E]from bonds that hold me tight
[Gm#]And the chains all hung around me will [B]fall away at last
[F#]And on that fine and fateful day I will [E]take thee in my arms
[Gm#]I will ride the night train, and I will [B]be the fisherman 


It is great to play with a violin buddy around.....

If anyone want to add or say anything please feel free to contact me---thehutch@tin.it
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