Watsky – Fireworks chords

Fireworks -- George Watsky
Album -- Cardboard Castles
Standard tuning
Alignment may be an issue.

CIt’s hard to be living
Fmaj7You gotta play the cards you were given
AmYou think it’s simple, but it goddam* isn’t
GIt’s tougher now than breaking out of Shawshank prison
CAnd as you’re hittin your prime
Fmaj7People say you been committing a crime
AmBut I won’t quit till I’m home
GI’ll chip the limestone a bit at a time
C slap mute Wait! I’m a pale ass pale
Fmaj7Middle-class straight white male
AmI won’t have an alibi the day I fail
GCause if I ever went to jail, Mom would pay my bail
CIn a (boom-boom) heartbeat
Fmaj7 AmMom and Dad have given me a lot more than a pat on the back
AmAnd I gotta thank ‘em for loving me
GFrom the moment I was strapped in a Volvo car seat
CWhen I needed a pep talk
Fmaj7I couldn’t remember to wreck shop
AmWriter’s block, staring at my laptop desktop
GOr sleeping in my rental in a turnpike rest stop
CShi* in storage, living from a suitcase
Fmaj7Thinking “this is how a silver spoon tastes?”
AmCause you can make a dream possible
GBut it’ll never be easy, no matter what you chase
CIf you wanna poke fun then do so
Fmaj7I’ll do it for you, it’s no crime
AmI’m like if the dude from Juno
GGrew a Jewfro and liked to rhyme (OOoooooohhh!!!)
CSo tell me that I’m not a rapper
Fmaj7Tell Rudolph he can’t pull sleighs
AmTell pluto it’s not a planet
GAnd he’ll probably keep spinning in the same old way
COn and on, every day
Fmaj7Right around the sun, wanna feel the rays
AmYou do it ‘cause you love it like nothing else in the universe
GAnd f*** it, it’s embedded in your DNA
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