Watt Mike - Piss-bottle Man tab

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Piss Bottle Man by Mike Watt
off the album "Ball-Hog or Tugboat"

** credit must be given to Glenn Rubenstein (grubenst@wco.com) **
   he tabbed this one first, i just corrected a few chords and threw 
   in a couple things he missed. make sure you listen to the 
   song to get the correct timing.

OK here's the "main riff" 

A shorter version is played in parts, which is just low E-------3-2-3-5 call this the "short riff" FORMAT: INTRO VERSE 1 CHORUS VERSE 2 CHORUS BRIDGE SOLO BRIDGE CHORUS VERSE 3 CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: Riff Verse 1: D Bm A G (short riff) There are some things a guy gets from his pop D Bm A G (short riff) Some of these things get spaced, others are never forgot Bm G A Believe in such a tradition, I got in my truck cab Chorus: D A Bm Oooh Oooh Oooh A G D/F# (short riff) Piss bottle man (repeat) Verse 2 (same chords as verse 1): Miles and miles all the while I feel secure Even when the fuse gets short I can keep my nerve Believe in such a tradition I got in my truck cab Chorus Bridge: Piss bottle man (A) Piss bottle man (A) Chorus Guitar Solo Chords F#m-D-Bm-G-A (2x) Bridge Chorus Verse 3: Driving in his shoes, using the bottle he used Every time I pop I think of my pop and pay my dues Respect such a tradition, I got in my truck cab. Chorus (repeat and fade) ------------------------------------------------------------ Wes Broadway soma@vistech.net
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