Wavves - Friends Were Gone tab

	                           Friends Were Gone - Wavves
Tabbed by:LoFiHiFi
Tuning: EADGBe

| Verse |e|-------------5------|B|-5-----9-----5------|G|-5-----9-----6------|D|-5-x8--9-x2--7-x8---| Play this 2 timesA|-3-----7-----7------|E|-------------5------|
| Chorus | e|-------------5-----|B|-10-9---7----5-----|G|-10-9---7----6-----|D|-10-9---7-x8-7-x8--| Play this 2 timesA|-8--7---5----7-----|E|-------------5-----|
For the solo, Nathan turned the flanger effect on high and strummed the heck out of chorus. Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Solo Listen to the song for timing. It's EASY :)
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