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How Are You? by: wavves album:so bored/how are you 7" part 1 part 2e:-00----0-----00--------------------|e:-00-----0-----00---------|b:-00----0-----00--------------------|b:-00-----0-----00---------|g:-0-----0-----0---------------------|g:-0------0-----0----------|D:-7-----7-----7---------6-----------|D:-6------6-----6-------7--|A:-7-----7-----7---------6-----------|A:-6------6-----6-------7--|E:-5-----5-----5-------4-4-----------|E:-4------4-----4-----5-5--|there's a hole in my head after each verse play part 2 the wheni'll only get to twenty-five it start again play part 1
he's at the foot of my bed i'm happy just to be alive and he said how how are you? i said i won't see twenty-five but i'm here for twenty-two there's a hole in my chest big enough to fill the sea i fake a smile to myself wishin' i could fall asleep then i say how how are you? i said i won't see twenty-five so i'm gonna see you soon real soon
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