Wax - Not So Bad At All chords version 2

Not So Bad At All
By: Wax
Tabbed by: ne0huang

Chords: G6 Cmaj7 Am Am Em Em7 Em7 Ebm7 Dm7 CE|---3-------X-----0-----5------0------0-------X------X----------X-------0-|A|---2-------3-----0-----7------2------2-------7------6----------5-------3-|D|---0-------2-----2-----7------2------2-------9------8----------7-------2-|G|---0-------0-----2---- 5------0------0-------7------6----------5-------0-|B|---0-------0-----1-----5------0------3-------8------7----------6-------1-|E|---0-------0-----0-----5------0------3------ 7------6----------5-------0-|
E| -3--------------------------------------------|A|-----0----2---3--------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
Chord progression (sorry I'm too lazy to write down all the lyrics play it by rhythm) Verse:
Cmaj7 -G6- Cmaj7- G6- Am- "Em-Em7- Em- Em7"-Cmaj7- C ^ this is the part after he says "red wine you're
tippin" in the first verse Repeat intro+ verse until the bridge
Bridge (these chords are the bar cord versions): Am-- Em7 -- Am -- Em7 but with a pinky on the high e on the 10th fret
Em7 --Ebm7 -- Dm7 Verse 3: Dm7 --G6 --Dm7 --G6 --Am --Em -- Em7 --Em -- Em7 -- Cmaj7 - C God bless.
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