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Waxahatchee – Be Good chords



A E Bm D It's unclear now, what we intend
A E Bm D We're alone in our own world
A E Bm D You don't wanna be my boyfriend
A E Bm D And I don't wanna be your girl
A E And that, that's a relief
BmWe'll drink up our grief
DAnd pine for summer
A EAnd we'll buy beer to shotgun
BmAnd we'll lay in the lawn
DAnd we'll be good
A E Bm D (x4) (At the same tempo as the verse) Verse:
A E Bm DNow I'm laughing at my boredom
A E Bm DAt my string of failed attempts
A E Bm D Because you think that it's important
A E Bm DAnd I welcome the sentiment
A EAnd we talk on the phone at night
BmUntil it's daylight
DAnd I feel clever
A EAnd I hear the slow in your speech
BmYeah you're half asleep
DSay goodnight
A E Bm D (x4) Verse:
A E Bm DNow I've got friendships to mend
A E Bm DI'm selfishly dispossessed
A E Bm DYou don't wanna be my boyfriend
A E Bm DAnd that's probably for the best
A EBecause that, that gets messy
BmAnd you will hurt me
DOr I'll disappear
A ESo we will drink beer all day
BmAnd our guards will give way
DAnd we'll be good
A E Bm D (x4) A
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