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******************** WORKIN' CHEAP *******************

written by Troy Seals and Max D. Barnes

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
         B                                              A
	Every since the day i was big enough to put my pants on by myself
                   D                                      A
	You could find me somewhere with the radio turned on
              B                               A
	Then one night i gave my heart to an old beat up guitar
         D                     E               A
	It never left my arms till i was almost grown

Verse 2:
           B                                          A
	I had to try my hand as a workin man,tried to be my daddy's son
                D                                    A
	But my mind was packed and gone and headed south
          B                         A
	Momma said i'll pray for you,then she said goodbye
                D               E                    A
	To the only one out of seven that didn't work out

                 D                               A
	Now i'm way down hear in dixie playing honky tonk music
          E                                              A
	Keepin' some joint a jumpin' every night of the week
               D                                         A
	Lord knows it's hard to keep a dance hall women happy
              D                            E                         A
	When you're drinkin' a little too much and you're workin' cheap

Verse 3:
         B                                             A
	Well i ain't done a thing i can brag about to anyone back home
               D                                         A
	Just another night club singer with a real good band
              B                               A
	If a jealous woman don't kill me,and momma keeps on praying
             D              E               A
	Someday i might be more than what i am


              D                            E                         A
	When you're drinkin' a little too much and you're workin' cheap

Thanks to David M. Potter (dmp12@cornell.edu) for the lyrics.
Perret Charles-Amir : perret@diva.univ-mlv.fr
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