Waylon Jennings - Cedartown Georgia chords

                   "Cedartown georgia"   Waylon Jennings
EI got a gal in cedartown georgia use to have to walk nearly three miles to court
A B7her she never had much just a sharecroppers daughter so i married her and took her
Edown to new orleans bought a little house in south french quarters
E i got a job that pays locamotive steamboat i give her seven days pay next day im
A B7broke and she aint sleepin all day she's a primpin every evening when the sun goes
Edown she starts squalin on norlean town
Ewalkin to work this morning at day break caught her with a tall blonde dandy from
A B7new king bay she walked right by me and she looked right thru me so i made up my
Emind what im a gonna do ease in a pawn shop and bought a 22
Ewatch as room clerk gave them room key standing outside i could read room 23
A B7tonight i'll put her on a train for georgia theres gonna be alot of kinfolk
Esquallin and a greevin cause that cedadtown gal aint breathin.
Tabed by Kody Figg A.K.A. Highwayman
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