We Are The In Crowd – Never Be What You Want chords ver. 2

Accoustic version
Capo on 3th

G: 320030

Intro: G D A

D A GI remember the nights we spent under city lights
GThis feelings got the best of me
D A GWe were floating along to the sounds of a dead end town
GBut now that's just a memory
D A GI can't figure you out, you've got more fight in you
Than anybody else
D A GAnd here's the part where I started to make my own damn decisions
And make a name for my self CHORUS
G DI'll never be what you want
AI wouldn't change any part of me
HJust to make you stay
G DYou had a piece of my heart
ABut not enough to just run away
'Cause I know what's best for me
D A GTake all your big plans and throw them away
I've got something in mind before we go separate ways
D AWe ask the questions baby,
GWho provides the answers?
GI'm scared to death and it shows
DThe flame burned out, but it glows
G AAnd the look in your eyes says things I don't wanna know
HIt's time to go! Come closer!
A G And I can't say anything, everything comes out the wrong way
G D AJust try, just try a little harder
HI'll do my best explaining all the things I'm going through
G D A Just try, just try a little harder
AThis is why I can't adjust for you
H A DYou … can't … say …
The look in your eyes says things I don't wanna know
H A DNo you … You can't … stay …
H A DI wanna be with you, and no one else
HI need you to feel the way that you felt that summer night
A H A GWhen you found that puzzle piece missing for eight straight weeks
You're not the perfect fit CHORUS … End on D
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