We The Kings - She Takes Me High Acoustic chords

Alright guys. 
Heard this last night and couldn't get it out of my head.
It's the acoustic version. I'll post the powerchord version later.
Half-Step Down. (Eb)
Chords are:
Cadd9 032033
G 320033
E7 0220033
D 000232
F#7 202033

Intro: [ Cadd9 G D / Cadd9 G F#7 ] Note: Use the chords i gave you. They're different than the begginer chords.
Verse: [ Cadd9 -- G ]x2 Then do [ Cadd9 G F#7 ] Note: Listen to song for changes Pre-Chorus: [ Cadd9 D Cadd9 F#7] Chorus: [ Cadd9 G E7 F#7 ] Note: Listen to the song for how many times. Bridge: [ Cadd9 E7 F#7 ] Outro: [ Cadd9 G F#7 ] I would give you the lyrics, but honestly i can't find them anywhere. And I did this on thanksgiving because i wanted to get it over with. Well, enjoy. Remember Half step down. -Tabbed by Denzil Garcia Any comments/Suggestions/REQUEST? (denzilmiguel1@hotmail.com)<-- Right therr
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