We Were Promised Jetpacks - Moving Clocks Run Slow chords version 1

For the Intro see the other tab on here its pretty handy.

Verses: Barre chords. The B♭ is best played at 1st fret A string and then then C 
as a normal barre at 3rd fret a chord and then then Dmin7 is a normal D minor barre at 
fret but you don't put on your pinky finger.

Bflat C Dmin7Moving clocks run so slow
Dmin7 I can't take my eyes off you
Bflat C Dmin7There's too many hands
Dmin7 To keep my eye on
Bflat C Dmin7Looking towards the light
Dmin7 Look a little cross-eyed
Bflat C Dmin7Sounds a little tongue-tied
Bridge: Play a normal F shape here but use a B flat at the 6th fret E string as it better when sliding up
F BflatThe fast approaching midnight
Bflat We're locked out
F BflatThe fast approaching midnight
Chorus: Sounds the best if you play F barre at the 8th fret on the A string and then the at the 6th fret E string
F BSo, you know, you take a little me
FAnd I take a little you
F BWe're all part of the century
Etc Etc Etc. I love the jetpacks and this wasnt tabbed. so i figured it out pretty quick. its not to whats actually played but its pretty good for an acoustic singalong and plays smooth the track.
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