We Won The Science Fair - Shady Faces In Shady Places Acoustic chords

Artist: We Won the Science Fair
Song: Shady Faces in Shady Places
Album: The Acoustic Sessions

The entire....
Dm ANeighborhood how
Dm GIt chills the bones
A# F Am A7And it shakes the bowels(?)
Dm ATwist the handle
Dm GOpen the doors
A# FThis room is
Am A7The same as the one
Dm A Dm G A# F Am A7 Before
A# F A# CPlease, shield me from this nightmare
A# FCuz the people in this room
A# CAre stuffy, snobby,
Dm A Dm G A# F Am A7and full of despair
Dm AThey turn up
Dm GAll of their noses
A# FHide behind
Am A7Good looks and poses
Dm A Dm GBut we are not like that
A# F AmNo we will not stand for
A7Behavior like that
F AmIf only they
A# CCould just go away.
FTake (all) their things
AmTheir faux faces
A#Flip (all) the tables
CTip all the vases
A7Is never
A7 A7Going to look, going to look
Dm A Dm G A# F Am A7The same!
Dm AHear me now
Dm GWhen I say
A# FWhen I first
Am A7Woke up today
Dm AI found myself
Dm GIn a place where
A# FI'm no longer
Am A7On the shelf
Chorus Dm A Dm G A# F Am A7 Dm We Won the Science Fair: http://www.myspace.com/wewonthesciencefair
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