Weakerthans - Times Arrow tab

Time's Arrow by the Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site

Tabbed by Michael Dunn
BTW this is the first tab that I've ever submitted so you can
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    F                        C

This is the only tricky part, play the C barred at 8 and move your pinky to hit the high notes. D A#/Bb F
Verse F Am So you watch the sunrise sinking, and she's talking in her sleep. Dm C A#/Bb A dream of how alone she was tommorrow when you keep F Am all those promises to someone in a mirror you will find Dm C A#/Bb at your parents' house in nineteen eighty nine. Chorus A#/Bb C Am A#/Bb t-e-r-r-o-r i-z-e-d by the ruling party: calenders and commas. A#/Bb C Am A#/B S-m-a-l-l r-e-q-u-e-s-t, could we please turn around? So you whisper your arrival walking backwards to the door. Wonder briefly what it is you're hesitating for. All the streets lie down, deserted in the darkest part of night, to lead you through the evening to the light. Pulled along in thender grip of watched and ellipses. Small request. Could we please turn around? Outro Play the intro twice but lay a C at the end of the second run. Then F,A#,Dm,/Dm,/C <---I know its a bad explanation, but you'll understand when you listen to the song Ending
This tab is entirely the authors work.
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