Weatherstar - Postcards chords

G: G B D G D G (320033)
F: F# A D G D G (200033)
C: C E G D G (x32033)
A: A E G D G (x02033)For intro, strum chord once and then pluck the high D then G.
This is the way that Cameron Walker plays it, it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. intro: G F C C (repeat 2x)
G FYou dropped your coat by the door.
C C G F C CI ran outside to watch you drive away from me.
G F C CAnd my eyes, they won't believe.
G F C C My heart is trying desperately to beat.
G FAnd lately I'm speeding up my breathing.
C GAnd my hands are shaking all the time.
A C'Cause I don't want to let you go.
G FAnd I can't sleep or breathe when I'm alone.
C GIf I could just go back in time,
F C A GI wouldn't make the same mistakes; if I could just go back in time.
G FI'm looking at what we wrote,
C C G F C CIn old postcards, and counting the times you'd repeat yourself.
G F C Cand I, just want to hold you
G F C Cno I just, I just can't let you go. (I Just can't let you go.)
REPEAT CHORUS G F C (repeat until fadeout)
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