Weebls Stuff - Babies Acoustic chords

This is my attempt on making a acoustic cover of the very catchy song "Babies" by Weebl

Am - C - F - G (Through the whole song)____________________________________________________________________________
Am C Take me to the hospital lady
F GGonna have another baby, gonna have a big baby
Am CTake me to the hospital lady
F GGotta poo out a baby - POW POW POW
Am C20 Babies - PA PA POW POW POW
F G60 Babies - PA PA PA POW POW
Am CTen more babies - PA POW POW POW
F GWould you like a baby, I can make you one now
Am C F GLadies, ladies I know all about making babies - YOM YOM YOM YOM
Am C F GLadies, Laides I make babies everyday - Yeah
Am C F GI got my own Ward down the hospital, Cause I got so many babies - Yeah
Am C F GI got an ambulance that ferries my back and forth to my crip and the hospital
Am C F G Uuh, I making babies, yeah it's so easy
Am C F GHave a sandwhich, making baby, have a pizza, make another free
Am C F GWatch out, I'm eating a bageeeeeeeeeel
Am C F GEighteen hundred thousand more babies on their way - POW POW POW POW!
(Repeat whole song ad libitum) ____________________________________________________________________________ Hope it is of any use, BoxDeer ;)
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