Weekend State - Were Makin It Now tab

Weíre Makiní It Now!
by Weekend State
written by: Saunders/Wilson

Weíre Makiní It Now!

A			E			F#m	
And heís tired of talking all night and he says and he says 
D			A
and he says he just wanna go home.
A			E			F#m
Somethingís happening all of the time look away, 
		D			A
look away cause he said he just wanna go home.	

Verse 2
So Iím taking a walk for a while
and I think and I think and I think
I donít know what I know.
So Iím running scared of the changes,
Iím thinking and sinking, was down.....	

F#m		D			F#m
before you came along boy, dancing along to the song boy,
D			F#m
singing it loud in the crowd boy,
	D			E
the night before we were free.

A	E	D			E	A
Now weíre made, 		now weíre made, 		(x2)

Verse 3
So weíre watching and waiting to see
when itís time, when itís time, when itís time
youíll know weíre making it now.
So Iím running but nobodyís coming,
the wheels were still turning around.....

(Bridge - Chorus) 

Middle - A / F#m D (x3) E

(Bridge - Chorus)

Solo to finnish
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