Ween - Flies On My Dick tab

Ween - Flies On My Dick
From Pure Guava
Tabbed by Father-McKenzie

It's actually two guitars attempting to play the same part, I think.
The notes in parenthesis are differentiations by the second guitar
(in the right audio channel).

(If you're playing by yourself, don't play the notes in parenthesis
at the same time as the normal note above it!)

x  = muted string
() = 2nd guitar playing different note than 1st guitar
b  = bend
/  = slide

this is the complete riff played at about 2:50
the one closer to the beginning of the song is a little different.

---------------------------------------------9---12-9-----------------|---9-10-12-10-9-10-10---9-10-/14-12-10---12-(10)------12-10-12-10-----|--x-------------------------------------(8)---------------(12)----11b-|-x--------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------| ^ here the (8) is played by another guitar, for example.
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