Ween – Bananas And Blow chords

Chords: Em, D, C, G

Intro: Em, D
       D, Em

Intro Steel Drums:E|------7-7----7------------------------7-7----7---------------|B|-8-10-----10---10-8-8h10-8-7-----8-10-----10---10-8-8h10-8-7-|G|-----------------------------9-7-----------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------|
Em DSancho brought a message from the fat man
Em DSorry boy, to leave you high and dry
Em DBut I went to see my mom in Ensenada
D EmAnd I left a little something to help the time go by
D G C GJust a little something to help to keep you high
G C D EmBananas and Blow, Bananas and blow
C D G C GStuck in my cabana, living on bananas and blow
Em DNow the rainy season reminds me of Maria
Em DThe way she danced, the color of her hair
Em DNow I'm locked inside a stall in the cantina
D EmEating the bananas and cocaine off the mirror
D G C GLooking for a ticket to take me away from here
G C D EmBananas and Blow, Bananas and blow
C D G C GStuck in my cabana, living on bananas and blow
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